What is Dyslexia?

What is Dyslexia?

What is Dyslexia and the Definition of Dyslexia? An Important question explained by rotating Letters. Some Letters rotate to become other letters making them Dyslexic. b rotates to exactly d , p & q. n rotates to u , u turns to n.

While reading with Dyslexia Dyslexic Letters will rotate to create Dyslexia Variations of linear words. The word door has 3 Dyslexia Variations which are boor, poor + qoor. The word door has one Dyslexia Variation rotate to become an identical other linear word. door is identical to poor in Dyslexia Letter Rotation.

Reading Successfully

The best way to read successfully with Dyslexia is to study and learn the Dyslexia Variations in reading. This key can achieve the ability to lesson the surprise when seeing a rotated letter during reading.

For Instance: The word ‘lesson’ has 1 single Dyslexia Variation.
lesson has a rotating n to u
lesson = lessou

This identification of what is Dyslexia enables readers to achieve the ability to read without changing the way they see rotating letters.

Not All Languages are Dyslexic!

It is important to note that many languages have Dyslexia Alphabets. Not all Languages have Dyslexia Alphabets. This has significant importance.

Greek Language is a Dyslexia Friendly Alphabet.
You can rotate any amount of the letters in all rotations and still not see any repeating letters.
Could this have been the linguistics disputes between Roma and Greeka in History? Quite Likely.

What makes a language Dyslexic is the Alphabet itself.

An Alphabet that has no repeating letters has no Dyslexia.

Does a Person see with Dyslexia all the time?

To help answer What is Dyslexia this great question arises. Does a person see with Dyslexia all the time?

Well, when the 3 dimensional aspects in life all merge to a 2 dimensional flat surface Dyslexia Rotations occur while reading.

The loss of context in reading occurs to every reader when reading on a 2 dimensional page. What occurs in Dyslexia reading is the fast pace of life lived in 3 dimensions applying 3 dimensional thinking to that flat surface.

Instead of reading the word ladder, with d’s. A dyslexia reader may see (actually see while reading) two letter b’s. ladder = labber. Other alternatives are lapper and laqqer.

“A good Dyslexia Friendly typeface will help create the 3 dimensional aspects for Dyslexia Readers.”
Simon Blake

The key to knowing that rotations occur connects the creativity that often the Dyslexia Readers live with in life. However, if they are reading a Dyslexia friendly font , like Greek, they will be able to read with their Dyslexia without any Letter rotations occurring! This is because the alphabet affects the Dyslexia Difficulty while reading!

How to Read with Dyslexia?

The Easiest way to understand what is Dyslexia is learning how to read WITH Dyslexia.

Dyslexia will have Dyslexia Letters rotate.
Study the Dyslexia Variations and Improve your abilities to read and write.
Use the Dyslexia Foundry Fonts + Learn to write with Dyslexia Foundry Fonts!

The key is being able to write and read with distinct letters while reading.
If you have ever had any type of reading impairment you may find that Dyslexia foundry is able to assist you simply by switching your font to affect the success of how you read.

Learning the Dyslexia Variations are another important tool that will advance reading success.
Having a sense of humor about how you see when reading will also help you succeed.

Article: What is Dyslexia?
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