What is a Dyslexia Friendly Font?

What is a Dyslexia Friendly Font?

What is a Dyslexia Friendly Font? and, why is it important. Dyslexia Letters are the letters that rotate to become other letters. Dyslexia Friendly letters can rotate in all directions without becoming another letter. This is the key factor.

As Academic Types argue about Dyslexia being the movement of letters on the page , we are further ahead by realizing that Dyslexia is all about rotating Letters. Some Alphabets are have no Dyslexia Letters, thus are Dyslexia Friendly.

A Dyslexia Friendly Font is designed to achieve distinct differences between the letters b, d, p, and q. Also the other Dyslexia letters like n and u are given Identifying Distinguishments.

When a Font is Rinsed and Repeated in Design features it makes it harder to read for Dyslexia Readers. Each letter similarity of using the exact rotation makes it more difficult and less Dyslexia Friendly in the Font.

Most Type Designers do training to intentionally make the Font Letters less Literate. This means that the font is harder to read for anyone with Dyslexia. In addition, repeating curvatures within the same font is such a problem it affects the larger population in general.

Many Readers struggle to read repeating curvatures in fonts including ADHD and other Reading Deficits.

Simon’s Theory on Dyslexia Friendly Fonts

Simon’s Theory is that the repeating letters and curvatures in fonts are decreasing the speed of which the overall population is able to read.

When Typeface Designers intentionally design typefaces to repeat an identical b, d, p, and q even those without Dyslexia struggle and slow down to read their materials.

“Slowing down to be able to read for the benefit of the Typeface Designer seems like an issue that needs awareness to be brought to it. This is why I started the DyslexiaFoundry.com!”

It is imperative that we start to relate the changes in typeface as it relates to the lessening of literacy internationally. There used to be an old font structure that had at least some distinguishing factors. However the opportunity now is to completely assist ourself in our abilities to read with ease., even with Dyslexia.

Dyslexia Readers Read Faster with Dyslexia Friendly Fonts

There are incredible opportunities that will increase literacy internationally being worked on at DyslexiaFoundry.com .

It is such an important issue to be able to see and start to create ‘Distinguishing Letters’. The only other solutions to reading would to have no text at all. Text is an important function of society and communications.

When reading understanding what is a Dyslexia Friendly Font each individual reader will be able to achieve their reading speed peaks. This means that more information can be absorbed and retained by spending less time during the reading session.


The importance of being able to select our fonts to be able to read is imperative.

Social behaviors as well as personal expressions are affected by the struggle of reading everyday internationally.

There are two main ways to improve reading. Studying Dyslexia Variations and improving Fonts. Of course the right color of readingtints.com can also help because of contrast.

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About Simon:
Simon runs and operates exactdyslexia.com that has a Dyslexia Dictionary. Dyslexia Dictionary contains the Dyslexia Spelling Variations of linear words. boot = doot, poot + qoot in exact letter rotations.
In addition running DyslexiaFoundry.com is a quest to positively increase literacy internationally.

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