What is a Dyslexia Foundry?

What is a Dyslexia Foundry?

What is a Dyslexia Foundry answers and solves the solutions to reading with Dyslexia. A Foundry is a Family of Fonts that serve a specific purpose, in this case to help Dyslexia. Dyslexia is the rotation of certain letters that become other letters when flipping during reading.

What is the Function of Dyslexia Foundry?

Dyslexia Foundry vets every font to assure that each letter to decrease Dyslexia.

This Foundry Family has several goals

– offer Dyslexia Friendly Fonts
– to make , create and concept Dyslexia Friendly Fonts
– Educate and give access to easier reading options
– Increase International Literacy
– Apply Dyslexia Friendly Fonts Internationally

The Dyslexia Foundry goals are long term.

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