What is a Dyslexia Font Foundry All About?

What is a Dyslexia Font Foundry All About?

What is a Dyslexia Font Foundry is a great question. A Foundry is a Font Collection or Family.

There are certain criteria that is desired for each font that is ‘accepted’ into the Dyslexia Foundry.

The Aim of a Dyslexia foundry is not only to assist Dyslexia Readers, but also to assist anyone reading to improve their reading capabilities. Finding a great reading font is an important step in literacy.

Literacy is the ability to ascertain, process and read with legibility writing. Digital Typeface is a critical choice to readers whom care to want to assist their own learning or expansion.

Choosing a Font that helps to read easier will sharpen the mind of the reader and reduce reading times of materials. Being able to read a page in 6 minutes rather than 8 or 10 minutes is a huge achievement that Typeface can assist readers in achieving.

For Dyslexia and ADHD readers, the more unique the Letters are the more they are able to recognize the words. This is of course true for all readers, but Dyslexia Readers have a tendency to read the letters upside down or in rotation.

ADHD Readers will have less focus issues when reading a page of text with Dyslexia Factors. When a b is designed to look identical in typeface to a d, p, and q it decreases literacy.

What are the Specifics of Dyslexia Foundry?

The Dyslexia Foundry (DyslexiaFoundry.com) has specific rules to typeface that makes reading easier. It is incredibly important to reduce the amount of rotating letter sequences in Dyslexia Reading.

Reading with Dyslexia does not only affect Dyslexia Readers. Dyslexia Sequencing effects the speed of all readers and how quickly they recognize words as they read.

Dyslexia Foundry can help Reading Speeds for Everyone?

yes. Using ‘Dyslexia Fonts’ may increase your own reading speeds and comprehension.

The quickness of which you recognize words depends upon how quickly you recognize the uniqueness of letters. When you can quickly see a letter you can more easily read words. The reality is that Dyslexia Letters affect all readers reading speeds.

It is a universal truth that Unique Letters assist reading recognition.

Why Everyone Needs a Great Reading Font

Learning is essential to human growth. An Actor needs to do research to accurately prepare for a role just as any human needs literature to assist in their growth.

When you are able to have and increase your literacy through typeface you empower yourself.

Picking your own reading font is imperative to your self education. The majority of people don’t choose their own font, so this is sure to become a thing in society in the future. Thus far, stylistic fonts of different designs have a popularity, but reading fonts and dyslexia reading fonts have a great future.

There is a great need to be able to ascertain written language.
All the Dyslexia Font Foundry fonts are Universal. The Fonts are for ALL readers and all types of readers.

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