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I am proud to offer Dyslexia Support Tools!

If you receive an item that is broken, please email me at Returns@DyslexiaFoundry.com
and orders@DyslexiaFoundry.com with a few pictures within 14 days.

I will ship another or return your money (less any shipping).
You may reach Improve Dyslexia at 213-984-6898, but please text first (East Coast time zone, EDT).

We will refund your money on the fonts with 40 days of purchase, if you find them completely not useful.

However, we spent many many many hours on creating the Dyslexia Fonts and the price is quite small. There are no refunds for free fonts that are given or promoted if as gifts for purchasing other Dyslexia Support Tools.

If there is a specific problem with a letter/ spacing in the fonts, please let me know
I will make or consider adjustments to help the font be improved or render an additional version for your use and for sale.

If you suggest an improvement to the font I reserve the right to sell it and utilize the new version of the font.
There are several font ideas that we are working to achieve still actively and is just a matter of time before being released.

We will not offer refunds until after 30 days after purchase in United States.
There is no refunds until 60 days after purchase Internationally.

If you got the wrong size, please contact Improve Dyslexia and we will do our best to get the correct one out to you. If you ordered something by mistake, please let us know within 4 hours so we can halt the process.

Please be patient with us and I will be patient with you.

Email: Returns@DyslexiaFoundry.com
and Orders@DyslexiaFoundry.com

Phone: 213-.984-.6898

Thank You! Enjoy Love Dyslexia Products!

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