Reading Shapes not Letters when Reading

Reading Shapes not Letters when Reading

Reading shapes not letters when reading is the key. Learning comprehension depends upon us readily being able to read words. Not all readers see upside down letters when reading, but if they do they will read a p as a d.

When letters repeat sequences Dyslexia is part of the reading experience. This can be readily corrected by Reading Shapes not Letters when reading.

Unique Letters Create Literacy

When Unique Letters create literacy they define themselves from one another. Each letter is a unique character that can be put together to create a word. However, the English Alphabet does not have unique letters for all readers.

It is key to understand that many Dyslexic readers read the letter b as d, p, q. It is even more common to read the letter u as n , and n as u.

This means that the Letters that are being created by Typemasters (Typeface creators) are not in fact unique from one another. The only solution to this reading illiteracy issue may be using shapes instead of letters in designing Fonts for reading.

When a letter is uniquely shaped even when read upside or rotated it will remain a unique letter. Reading shapes not letters when reading is such a key to solving literacy.

What Shapes are Easiest to Read?

The main thing is that if you assign a shape to a letter that you do not repeat that shape with similar letters. Thus you increase the differences between the letter distinctions.

A square b is a way to solve Dyslexia, ADHD difficulties and even old age reading difficulties.

The Square b font by Simon Blake is an excellent way to try out and discover this solution to reading for yourself. It is far easier to be able to read with a distinct letter b that is shaped in a square box. The square base allows complete and easy distinction from the other similar letters like d, p, and q.

Reading Shapes not Letters when Reading increases Reading Speeds

Reading gets better when the basics are easier. Instead of a reader struggling with the shape of the letters causing repeating sequences, comprehension is the focus. The shape of the letters increase the ability and speed to read the letters.

When reading increases speed readers have more time to really enjoy the reading experience.

Enjoying the reading experience because the simplicity of distinct text is absolutely key to literacy. When reading shapes, shapes can often be seen far faster than trying to cipher the letters to determine if you are reading a b or a d.

The key to reading with shapes is the simplicity.

We all Read Rotated Letters Sometimes

Even when a person has not been tested for Dyslexia they may still read rotating letters in their reading. Rotating letters is part of the reading comprehension process.

There are 4 main Rotating Letters in reading. b , d, p, q
There are 2 very sneaky Letters that rotate: n + u
There are 2 Handwriting Letters that rotate: w + m

So the m and the w will rotate in messy handwriting or university blackboards. Handwriting is tricky with the w and the m. The w must have jagged bottoms so when it happens to be read upside down it is distinct from the rounded top m’s.

The n + u Letters are the sneakiest in writing. If you listen to accents or pronunciation of some readers they will read with open o sounds because the inverting n and u. This is another issue that is being addressed by Simon Blake in typeface Reading Shapes.

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