Reading Shapes inside of Letters

Reading Shapes inside of Letters

Reading shapes inside of letters is absolutely the key to retention. Shapes in reading are easier to read and succeed with. Reading Shapes takes away the rotation of letters that rotate to exact other letters. b rotates exactly into a d, p, and q.

It will be proven that reading Letters with shapes inside their design that quicker reading and comprehension occurs.

When a Reader has the opportunity to take less time to recognize the letter they gift themselves literacy. Literacy is directly connected to the ability to easily recognize letters.

What is the Problem with Letters?

Letters turn and rotate into one another. Shapes don’t.

This is a groundbreaking truth. Shapes for all ages are easier to see, read and achieve.

Learning to understand that we are not the fault for seeing letters in rotation is critical. Tired eyes during reading will often see upside down or rotated letters during reading. The ability to lesson tired eyes is critical in understanding how to read more and how to read longer.

For Anyone Willing to Admit Dyslexia

Instead of reading having to cipher the letter rotations that become exact other letters. The shapes are put into the font type. This makes reading a different experience.

An upside down b goes into a p and a q. A rotated b turns to a d.

Many people are able to read with Dyslexia , but they are slower to read because they will notice and see the reading of rotated letters. When Rotated letters turn into exact other letters they are ‘Dys’lexic, (Dyslexia).

Dys – is the rotation of letters.

IF you are willing to admit Dyslexia you are able to empower yourself by choosing your font. Font selection with reading shapes inside of letters is critical to encouraging reading.

In time, it is possible, that the society shame on changing a font to increase your own reading speeds will lessen.

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