Square b Font for Reading


The Square b Font for reading improves literacy by taking out the tricky b variable in reading.  When the Square b is squared it is a unique letter in the English Alphabet.


Square b Font for Reading.

This version of the Square b Font is in full color.  Each of the difficult letters are color coded to make reading easier.  All readers can use this font to increase reading speeds and reading comprehension.

What Does the Square b Font Do?

Often in reading a b will turn to a d, p, and q.

When the b is squared it becomes a unique letter compared to every letter within the English Alphabet.  English is also a language where letters when rotated become exact other letters.  This is part of what makes English a difficult language to read.

The Square b Font in reading changes the b variable to be easier to read!

Take a chance and try out the Square b font for your reading experiences.

Disclaimer:  Reading is a Personal Experience.  This Font purchase is for Personal Use Only.  This is not a Commercial License for use of this font.  For Commercial Inquiries please contact for Commercial Pricing.  Thank you so much.  Willing to work with people.

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