b Square + Triangle d Dyslexia Font


The Square b makes b absolutely easy to read.  
The Triangle d makes d unique from b, d, p and q. 

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b Square + Triangle d Dyslexia Font

b Square + Triangle d Dyslexia Font has incredible reading advantages.  First the b that normally rotates into a d, p and q stays a square based b.  This increases literacy.  Second, triangle base d creates another easily identifiable shape.

When you read distinct letters, you increase your reading speeds and comprehension.  Comprehension is easier with this Dyslexia Font because the reader is reading the shape and not the font.

By distinction the b being square reduces Dyslexia, ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder reading difficulties.

Shapes are easier to See

This smart font improves legibility for writing as well as increases reading abilities.  This is an amazing improvement to education and the ability to see clear and distinct letters.

The reality of this Dyslexia Font is that the shapes are easier to read.  It is also just as easy to learn writing at any age, or learn English as a second language as an adult, using this square b concept.

The writing system of using both b Square + Triangle d Dyslexia Font is brilliant.

This fundamental change allows all readers still to be able to read the letters, and it expands the capabilities of Dyslexia, ADHD, and Attention Deficit Disorder Readers.

The Adult Large Print Demographic

Large Print Reading demographics can benefit from reading shapes also.   Just as Dyslexia Readers who have rotation of letters occur during reading.  The shapes are easier to see in Large Print reading materials.

This is an adult reading font that helps many demographics.  The Large Print Demographic or those with sight impairments will benefit when using this font.

The Dyslexia Font Foundry Purpose

To assist and lesson illiteracy through offering easier reading fonts.

This is a personal font license for individuals.  Commercial Licenses and Bulk orders are available.

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