Fonts that help with Dyslexia

Fonts that help with Dyslexia

Fonts that help with Dyslexia reduce Dyslexia occurring in reading. This is achieved by creating unique letters that distinguish the Dyslexia Letters from one another. IF you adopt the idea that Dyslexia is when a letter rotates to become another letter you can approach Dyslexia Reading in a fresh way to reduce its occurance.

Lessoning Dyslexia with Dyslexia Fonts is not widely understood in the general marketplace. Many people believe that Dyslexia is all spelling errors that occur in reading. Some believe that Dyslexia is the movement of letters on the page while reading.

If one adopts that Dyslexia is the rotation of letters during reading, fonts that help with Dyslexia becomes an achievable feat in society.

What are the Fonts that help with Dyslexia?

There are several fonts that can help with Dyslexia. There is not only a single font that is the solution to Dyslexia.

ANY Font that distinguishes the b , d, p, and q from one another will assist in easier reading with fonts that help with Dyslexia. Also the letters n and u need to have distinctive differences.

A distinctive difference in font means that even when the letter is rotated in every direction it will remain a unique reading variable.

Finding the Right Dyslexia Font?

Finding the right Dyslexia Font is an individual endeavor.

Setting yourself or others up for success with reading means exploring the options of different Fonts that help with Dyslexia. Trial and error will help.

It will take time in reading with one font to know if it is the right font to use for that specific reading material. This means that you may be like many other readers that find it helpful to use more than one font depending upon the materials being read.

Some readers may need a more obvious font with higher technical manuals vs. easier reading materials.

Do Colors Help with Dyslexia?

yes, they do. Colors can help a lot while reading. Just as finding the right Dyslexia Fonts that help with Dyslexia Individuals, finding the right individual colors is a task to set out to achieve.

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