Bad Fonts for Dyslexia

Bad Fonts for Dyslexia

Bad fonts for Dyslexia are important to understand. A bad font will increase difficulty while reading with Dyslexia. There are specific items that make reading with Dyslexia more difficult or ‘bad’ reading experiences.

What makes bad fonts for Dyslexia are specific repetitions within fonts.
Let’s explore this!

Bad Fonts for Dyslexia are Over-styled!

Over-styled fonts make reading more difficult.

Many Font Designers will over-style letters and create amazing and interesting graphics and logos, however, these are not reading fonts. A bad reading font won’t be easy to be able to cipher when reading.

Dyslexia Readers have to work harder than most other readers.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is the Rotation of Letters. IF you adopt that Dyslexia Letters rotate to become other letters, then we can work to be completely clear about what a good font and bad fonts for Dyslexia are.

Many people and associations state that Dyslexia is the movement of letters. But here is the issue. Greek has no Dyslexia letter in it at all. All the Greek Alphabet is Dyslexia Friendly. There is no Dyslexia working with the Greek Language.

So, if we adopt that Dyslexia Letters are the letters that rotate into another exact letter during reading we can start to identify what the bad fonts for Dyslexia are.

What Do Dyslexia Readers Need?

Dyslexia Readers need clarity in order to see each letter distinctly.

Dyslexia Readers see the world in reading with 3 Dimensional points of view. This is part of the creativity and strength of people with Dyslexia. They can often reverse engineer concepts just as they have to reverse engineer reading ciphers during reading.

Clarity that linear readers already have Dyslexia Readers need. A linear reader can distinguish the letter b from d, p, and q just front point of view. A Dyslexia Reader will see a b as a d, p and q.

Show me Some Examples!

word: order
only has 1 linear spelling
Dyslexia Variations of word: order
has 3 Dyslexia Spellings
dyslexia is: orber, orper + orqer

word: reading
only has 1 linear spelling
Dyslexia Variations of the word: reading
has 3 Dyslexia Spellings + Dyslexia n/u + Dysgraphia
dyslexia examples are: reabing, reaping, + reaqing
(one Dyslexia Variation is another entire word. reading = reaping)

The Dyslexia n / u Factor: n rotates to u , u rotates to n
reading = reabiug, readiug, reapiug + reaqiug

So , thus far the word reading has 7 Exact Dyslexia Variations + original linear word.
reading = reabing, reaping, reaqing, reabiug, readiug, reapiug, + reaqiug

Dysgraphia of the word: reading
g = 6 or 9
reading = readin6, readin9, readiu6, readiu9
reabin6, readin9, readiu6, readiu9
reapin6, reapin9, reapiu6, reapiu9
reaqin6, reaqin9, reaqiu6, reaqiu9

Although Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia is less common is is still important to know it exists.

What are Bad Fonts for Dyslexia?

Bad fonts for Dyslexia have repeating curvatures for Dyslexia Letters. Even worse than bad fonts for Dyslexia have exact letters that can rotate to become other letters.

Letters that are designed with fonts that create the exact letters as others when rotated make reading sometimes nearly impossible.

When making the most illiterate fonts often Font Designers (with joy and interest in design) forget that Dyslexia Letters rotate into one another. This difference is the difference between the Dyslexia reading one paragraph or being able to read the entire page or at least most of it.

Bad fonts affect Dyslexia Readers and DyslexiaFoundry.com has the aim to fix the issues with Typeface Designing for Dyslexics. The goal of educating people about what bad fonts are for Dyslexia is key. And, you can help by sharing this knowledge with others.

Over 15% of the population have some sort of Dyslexia. You can help to increase international literacy by sharing awareness.

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